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Social Communication Therapy

Small groups and individual sessions to guide students on friendships, self-awareness, social cues, perspective-taking and empathy.

Literacy Support

Academic support for students with language-based learning struggles like dyslexia or dysgraphia carried out in individual or small group sessions with parent training and guidance.

Activities of Daily Living​

Getting through everyday routines may be difficult for your child or teen due to emotional regulation, attention struggles, executive functioning deficits, decreased fine motor skills or other reasons. Individual therapy and/or parent training increases independence and decreases those pesky daily family battles.

Executive Functioning

The ability to pay attention, plan, organize and sequence activities is hard for many kids (and adults!) and is required for so much of daily home and school life. Parent training, home consulting, individual therapy and group sessions are available to get your student on the right track! At home, at school or both.

Sensory Support

Fun, practical tips and strategies to help with regulation at home, school and in the community. 

Language Disorders

Language struggles show themselves in various ways: using the wrong words or incorrect grammar to describe things, difficulty following directions or understanding stories, struggles with writing. Individual or small group language therapy has a strong impact on language development. From toddlerhood through highschool.

Fine Motor

Fun and evidence based strategies to improve motor skills for activities such as handwriting and general coordination. Carried out in individual therapy or in small groups.

Speech Disorders

Difficulty articulating speech and being misunderstood is a common childhood struggle but can be frustrating for all nonetheless. By individually tailoring a child's speech goals to support them, we usually see fast, positive impact and, therefore, motivated, relieved children and families!

Parent/Teacher/Community Support

Consulting with schools, parent training and community education are as much a passion for us as is therapy with children. These opportunities allow us to truly collaborate with those in our students' lives; while also sharing information with and learning from fellow educators and community providers. Truly a win-win-win.


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