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Children and teens can have many layers of relationships and supports woven and connected throughout their daily lives. We value being part of each child's village and connecting with parents, teachers, siblings, other therapists, coaches. This helps us get to know, understand and support each child.

Whole Child

Although there are struggles common to many children, each child experiences them differently because of their own unique perspectives, interests, and personalities. We value each student as an individual and tailor their therapy to reflect that.


Everybody deserves to have their efforts and strengths celebrated. Children and teens experiencing struggles do not flourish when they feel defeated We help each student recognize their strengths and celebrate every achievement toward their goals, no matter how small. 


With a combined 40+ years of experience in our fields of Occupational Therapy & Speech Pathology, our expertise and passion for our roles in the lives of students and their families has only grown greater. Our knowledge goes beyond traditional therapy and into specialized, niche areas that can make all the difference to your child's skills and success.

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